Flower Care

How to keep your WildFolk flowers fresh for longer:

  • Start by cleaning the vase you are using - bacteria shortens bloom time

  • Use tepid water rather than cold for all blooms apart from spring bulbs

  • Add a tablespoon of sugar or a quarter teaspoon of bleach to the water

  • Remove any foliage that’s sitting in water - you don’t want this to decay and smell

  • Change the water every two days - flowers grown in an organic rather than chemical environment need clean water

  • Snip the bottom off any stems that look a bit mushy - an angled cut means that there is a greater surface area on the stem

  • Position your vase far from draughts, radiators or direct sunlight.

Terms and Conditions

If you are not entirely satisfied with the condition of your flowers and have followed the above care tips please contact us with a photo for a refund.

Weekly Deliveries - how they work

Contact Natalie to sign up for a delivery via email or phone on or before the Wednesday of the week you want flowers. Natalie will deliver your flowers on a Friday to a designated safe place. Ideally this place is a bucket undercover and or in shade. Alternatively she can knock on the door! Either leave the money in an envelop in a safe place or pay in advance by bank transfer.