Mother's Day Flowers

Mother’s Day was unexpectedly busy at WildFolk. After some last minute instagram business I had orders for 5 bouquets and 5 jam jar posies - more than I’ve cut in one go before. I was getting worried about how much I’d have but once I started cutting I quickly realised it was going to work out well. I love incorporating all the random snips from my garden and the hedgerows - each bouquet and posy is one of a kind. That’s the joy of being a wild florist - I don’t order in 50 of one thing and 50 of another to compliment it… I hold some stems in my hand and walk around the garden like a nutter humming and holding the stems up to various berries and bits of dried in my workshed.

My bouquets contained: wallflowers - bowles mauve, sugar rush and blood red (I need to get more perrenial wallflowers in the ground this year as they flowered a lot earlier than the annuals), daffodils - Sir Winston Churchill, Tahiti and Geranium (these last ones I bought in from Engish Peonies) and they smelled amazing, a few forced tulips, viburum, dried grasses, rosemary, hyacinths, anemones, blossom, wood anemones, hellebores and tree foliage.

I expect next year will be even bigger so I am going to get in a lot more white dafodils, early flowering tulips, varieties of wallflower, more rosemary and more senecio.