Valentine's Day

I’ve always been a fan of grand gestures and red roses on Valentine’s Day. I’ve become aware of how harmful my expectations are - to me (I usually end up disappointed) and to the planet. I didn’t imagine that the red roses I craved were chemically grown in Kenya, wrapped in plastic, flown to Holland, shipped to the UK, re-wrapped in plastic and sent to the florist who rewrapped them in plastic.

So what does one do in February (chokes my husband as he sees a mounting drama) if you can’t buy your loved one flowers? My hints about hellebores in the garden centre might have sunk in and I will NOT be disappointed if they haven’t.

For him, I had the good fortune of finding some flowers from our wedding bouquet still in the press. I framed a bunch of them soon after we married. They are pretty faded so this is a colourful update. I also found a pack of trivia cards in a charity shop. I hate trivia and he loves it so if that doesn’t say ‘I’d sacrifice myself for you’ I don’t know what does.

In case you are still reading (well done you) you might be curious to see our wedding pics. I LOVE weddings so I would be! We got married four years ago in a field with 70 people, loads of Aldi champagne and lots of sunshine. I had blue, pink and white cornflowers in my hair. We made our ribbon garlands out of recycled fabric, which now hang in our children’s rooms, and paper heart garlands. I grew all the flowers in my garden and this is what inspired me to change career.

Yes I regret buying my dress from Oxfam and not going for my dream wedding dress but we did love our wedding and did it exactly as we wanted to.