Winter Projects for Little WildFolk

Here are some cosy projects to keep the home fires burning. We’ve tried and tested all of these at home and none of the ingredients are hard to find on the high street.


Botanical Dying

There aren’t many children who don’t like making potions. Botanical dying is an exciting way to witness the power of plants first hand. It is a bit of a slow process but if you can bare to leave pots sat on the side, the results are highly rewarding.

First source out half a metre of natural material - most fabric shops sell 100% cotton. Soak this in soya milk for a week or two, which will help the dye stick to the fabric. The children can pour the milk onto the fabric, swoosh it around and check it’s all submerged before you put it to one side.

Next decide what natural materials you want to experiment with. We saved up some avocado skins as these were easy to get hold of but we’ll try rosemary next. Then boil what you’ve chosen to die with before letting it sit on the side for a week. At this point you should have a pan of milky white fabric and a pan of unpromising looking plant water tucked away somewhere.

After a week rinse out the milky fabric and leave to dry. Strain the plant water (which should have changed colour by now) through a jay cloth into a bowl. Then dip the fabric into the bowl, wring it off and hang it up to dry. We did a little science experiment to see if the length of time the fabric was submerged affected the strength of colour… I won’t give the game away but my son loved using the stopwatch function on my phone to keep tabs on this experiment.